Mental Health Services For Children

Looking for therapies to help your child become their best self? Whether your child is struggling with anxiety or experiencing learning delays in school, we have the tools to help.

There are a range of effective resources available to aid children in these areas at Mind Rx.

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Counseling for Teaching Emotional Resourcing During Periods of Stress:

If your child is experiencing anxiety or has experienced trauma, our counselors are here to help.

Stressful situations can often overwhelm children, making it challenging for them to regulate their emotions effectively. Counseling provides a safe and supportive environment for children to learn emotional resourcing techniques.

A skilled counselor can help children identify and express their feelings, develop coping strategies, and build emotional resilience. Through counseling, children learn to navigate stressors more effectively, leading to improved self-regulation and decision-making skills.

Neurofeedback for Training Neuronal Mechanisms for Sustained Attention and Emotional Regulation:

Neurofeedback is a powerful technique that utilizes real-time feedback on brainwave activity to teach children how to regulate their attention and emotions.

By using specialized equipment, this therapy helps children understand and modulate their brain activity patterns, leading to improved sustained attention and emotional regulation skills.

Neurofeedback has shown promising results in enhancing focus, self-control, and overall cognitive performance.

Learn more about Neurofeedback for kids.

Brain training has become increasingly popular among children as a way to enhance cognitive abilities, support brain development, and address challenges like ADHD. These engaging exercises and activities are designed specifically for young minds, targeting skills such as memory, attention, and problem-solving.

Through engaging activities and games, neurofeedback enables children to develop sustained attention, focus, and self-control.

This non-invasive technique involves monitoring brainwave activity and providing real-time feedback to help children learn how to regulate their brain patterns.
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Now Accepting Class Wallet / ESA Funds for Brain Mapping, Neurofeedback and Counseling.