Can Neurofeedback Be Done At Home?

Mind Rx and Myndlift offer customized training plans based on an individual assessment to do neurofeedback at your leisure.

Home treatments are for people with busy schedules for convenience  to help discipline increasingly popular for you

Myndlift at-home Neurofeedback

After an assessment, we will create an individualized plan with a custom neurofeedback protocol given your current brain patterns, mental state, and goals.

For example: up-training alpha and down-training high beta can help encourage feelings of relaxation.

Mental brain training

Train your brain by playing specialized games or watching videos. When your brainwaves are in the target range, you will advance in the game or have a crisper viewing experience. This real-time monitoring and rewarding is known as operant conditioning.

Practice makes perfect

By training consistently over time, operant conditioning can retrain your brain activity, optimizing your mental state, with implications for improved focus, reduced anxiety and more.

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