Roslyn Tait, BCN-T

Roslyn Tait is our of Director of Applied Neuroscience at Mind Rx. 

With a profound interest in understanding the human mind, Roslyn is certified by the BCIA as a neurofeedback technician. 

Roslyn’s journey into the realm of psychology began with a spiritual approach, as she sought to comprehend the complexities of human behavior and the underlying forces that shape our experiences. As her exploration continued, it naturally evolved into a fascination with neuropsychology—a field that delves into the intricate interplay between brain function, behavior, and cognition.

With her BCIA certification as a Neurofeedback technician, Roslyn combines her academic knowledge, practical skills, and empathetic nature to provide individuals with effective neurofeedback therapies. Her expertise lies in leveraging cutting-edge techniques to assist clients in managing stress, improving focus and attention, optimizing sleep, and fostering emotional well-being.